Blow Out: Jonathan Does Hawaii

(We apologize for the lateness of this recap, there were some technical difficulties.)

He’s on mission of hair, from Hawaii and back to the therapist, Jonathan worked to create a sanctuary of his salon and just make perfect hair. In Hawaii, Jonathan launched his new shower head and was actually nervous for the first time ever on film, and quite sweaty too. But it is Hawaii, and I guess it’s hot there. A game of golf, some good hair, and Jonathan was back at creating those struggling to be wise yet so random sound bytes. This week the competition for most random sound byte was between “hair has a voice, hair talks to you, if you listen really close, it talks” and in reference to Asher “it’s like the greatest invention since milk”

Scott and Clarissa both had their first clients, Scott was a nervous wreck and his client wouldn’t stop talking while Clarissa in her own monotone glory kept telling everyone she was really excited to finally be a stylist. No drama in the Beverly Hill salon, they ate off each other’s plates and acted like a family. In case you were worried, Jonathan did make a stop at the therapist and the tears came out in the first sentence and never stopped. This week we learned that everyone should follow the rules of shampoo, condition, create and fetish. If Jonathan is listening to talking hair then I think he’s got the fetish part down. Next week he’s back to his beauty school, perhaps we’ll get some good man tears or maybe some drama, because that’s when the show really gets interesting.

Written By Meredith T. White

Tags: Recaps