Blow Out

Watching Jonathan Antin takes someone with a strong will, and ours was beaten down by several martini’s. So thankfully, our cocktail free intern Meredith T. White, took on the challenge.

Snip, flip, man tears and a baby hug. Jonathon Antin is back for his third season, full of blow-drying sentimental montages of your favorite cast members, or really just of Jonathon’s well tanned forehead. First off , a few meetings, a chat at the therapist, a talk with good ole Rosie, another haircut then BAM, Jonathon was distracted by a baby, but I have to admit, the hug from the baby was actually pretty cute and he does have a 9 week old son Asher at home so, we’ll let it slide this time.

Moving on. At a fashion shoot Jonathan decided to add hair, about four feet of it and take off the clothing, much to the chagrin of the designer and photographer, who happen to be the same person, but no worries, he babed them out and the leopard print shirt wasn’t too tacky, or maybe she wasn’t even wearing it, the hair was too distracting. Next Jonathon was off to New York for Good Morning America where he frantically woke up stylist Jason at 4:29 am to do some hair and then still had time to fluff American Idol contestant Diana Degarmo’s golden locks for her premiere in Hairspray on Broadway. In the end after a few hectic speakerphone conversations, Jonathan completed the emotional rollercoaster that is his calling card, shed some tears, talked about himself and began yet again, another season full of great great hair.