Bloodthirsty “Soprano” Fans Disappointed with Finale

Fans hoping for an all-out war to end the eighth and last season of HBO’s television phenomenon, “The Sopranos,” were less than pleased with last night’s finale. People reports:

Among the posts on the HBO message boards, Mamamia22 writes: “These characters deserved to go out with a bang and this finale was pathetic.” Seconds Bergin77: “There should be some sense of closure and a tying of loose ends. Last night’s ending left too many questions unanswered.”

The death toll for the last episode was a measly one–Brooklyn mob boss Phil Leotardo was the one to go–with Tony Soprano left alive to continue his mobster way of life with his family intact. I don’t know–I mean, since everyone expected the shit to totally hit the fan, maybe it’s better that things went out with an atypical whimper, rather than a bang. But who knows, when I’m finally able to Netflix it all from start to finish (which will probably be about three years from now) I might be just as outraged. Meanwhile, I have loftier current events with which I’m occupying my intellect, namely, Paris Hilton in jail.