Bloodthirsty “Soprano” Fans Disappointed with Finale

June 11th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Fans hoping for an all-out war to end the eighth and last season of HBO’s television phenomenon, “The Sopranos,” were less than pleased with last night’s finale. People reports:

Among the posts on the HBO message boards, Mamamia22 writes: “These characters deserved to go out with a bang and this finale was pathetic.” Seconds Bergin77: “There should be some sense of closure and a tying of loose ends. Last night’s ending left too many questions unanswered.”

The death toll for the last episode was a measly one–Brooklyn mob boss Phil Leotardo was the one to go–with Tony Soprano left alive to continue his mobster way of life with his family intact. I don’t know–I mean, since everyone expected the shit to totally hit the fan, maybe it’s better that things went out with an atypical whimper, rather than a bang. But who knows, when I’m finally able to Netflix it all from start to finish (which will probably be about three years from now) I might be just as outraged. Meanwhile, I have loftier current events with which I’m occupying my intellect, namely, Paris Hilton in jail.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. K

    Actually, all signs point to Tony having been killed at the very end. The screen goes black, end of his consciousness and this show.

  2. Linda B

    I thought the ending was genius after I figured out my cable was not the reason the screen went to black. The door was obviously left open for a movie. It will be fun to see it if it happens.

  3. Joya

    I can’t even begin to imagine what a BORE a Sopranos movie would be. There definitely isn’t enough action. They’d REALLY have to spice it up.

  4. NJ

    At first, I was so pissed. I swore at the TV screen and at David Chase the longest string of swear words ever.

    But then I watched it, again.

    And I realized that this is Tony’s life. Anyone who is a fan was watching the last scene in wicked suspense. Listening to Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ wondering what it meant, who would walk in the door, who was that at the counter, who was sitting at the booth across from him, would his kids make it to dinner, where is Meadow, why can’t she park her damn car, would she get hit running across the street… what’s going to happen?? It was a rush sitting there watching it, I was actually leaning forward, anxious and tense. And I realized, that’s Tony’s life. And that will always be his life, I mean, he wasn’t having panic attacks for nothing. He’s not turning state’s evidence, he’s not gonna die. He’s Tony fucking Soprano. His life was, is and will always be that that anxious, always watching, looking over his shoulder, at any moment it could be the end kind of life. That’s what he chooses.

    And since David Chase doesn’t have a real reputation for tying up loose ends and wrapping everything up nicely with a big, red bow I thought he actually did try to do that a little bit. We know Carlos turned and that Tony will face a weapons charge, which he’ll beat. Carmella has a new investment in the beach house that she’ll work on. We know that Meadow is going to marry Patrick and become a lawyer and we know that all of A.J.’s altruism went right out the window for a BMW and a cushy job in movies.

    I think it’ll be something that is more appreciated as time goes by.

    My favorite scene was when the FBI agent who told Tony where to find Phil was informed of Phils demise. He slapped the desk in excitment and exclaimed how they were going to win. Classic.

  5. NJ

    I just read an interesting interpretation…

    The viewer got whacked.

    I like that.

    I’m going with that one.


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