Blog Dish: Will Lindsay Lohan Be Donning A Golden Lasso?

March 24th, 2006 // 12 Comments


  • Lindsay Lohan has been rumored to be interested in playing Wonder Woman. The question is, is anyone interested in seeing her as Wonder Woman. [Egotastic]
  • Who was Cher getting cozy with during LA fashion week? Richard Stark who co-owns the high-end Goth stores Chrome Hearts with his wife, and is a friend of Cher’s. Mmm. [CityRag]
  • Pink really knows how to make herself look ugly. [Hollywood Tuna]
  • Gael García Bernal is pretty. [Queerty]
  • Oscar Nominee Jake Gyllenhaal hugs a guy. [Just Jared]
  • Paula Abdul and Lara Flynn Boyle discuss where the best places are in Hollywood to have your face pumped full of ass-fat. [goldenfiddle]
  • Rocker Courtney Love and Kimberly Stewart shop in Hollywood. [Hollywood Rag]
  • Kevin Federline, has donated his hair to Locks of Love for some free press. [IDLYITW]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Girly Girl

    I swear to god I will protest if they give the Magic Lasso of Truth and the Invisible Fighter Jet to that coke whore Lohan…

    She is SO not worthy to be Princess Diana and go back to the island.

    (Uh, those of you who watched Lynda Carter will get it- and really, who didn’t? I freakin’ LOVED her- I dressed up as her on Halloween. I had a MAJOR crush on Lyle Waggoner when I was 7. Which in hindsight is kinda creepy and gross. But if he was good enough for Wonder Woman then by god he was good enough for me!)

  2. doofus

    NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m 100% with you girly girl. I LOVED that show growing up, and HOhan is NO comparison to Lynda Carter.

    She’s too young, too short, and too skinny to play the Amazon princess.

    (although I can’t say I dressed up as Wonder Woman for Halloween, I DID have a couple of WW bathing suits when I was 10…and they were my favorites!)

  3. Tine

    I think Lindsay is the perfect choice to play Wonder Woman!

  4. doofus

    she MIGHT be perfect, if she gained about 6 inches, 40lbs of muscle, and had her implants put back in…

  5. Tine

    Pretty much all actresses are short and maybe she will gain the weight back and put in the implants – at least he face is perf for it!

  6. doofus

    “pretty much all actresses are short”?

    uh, first of all, that’s not true.

    second, even if it were true, there are plenty who are NOT.

    third, I’d hardly consider HOhan to be an actress. she’s more of a “i’ll be famous for whatever I can” type of girl.

    seriously, do people talk about her “acting” chops or the way she lives her life? what does she make news for? her stellar performance in the worldwide hit “mean girls”? or her partying, her various medical mishaps and her many men?

  7. Small Fry

    Amen Doofus. Hohan would do “much disgrace” to the Wonder Woman role….unless wonder woman was a coked up, anorexic, whore. But that’s not really how I remember her.

  8. I don’t have a problem with Lindsay wanting to play Wonder Woman as much as I have problem with her thinking playing Wonder Woman will somehow help to establish credibility as a serious actor. Silly, silly Lindsay.

    I offer her a little friendly (I think she is kinda fierce) advice on how to achieve some cred on my site here:

  9. MMM Gael Garcia Bernal yummy I voted him hunk of the month on my blog too

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