Blog Dish: Matthew McConaughey’s Memory Lapse

January 30th, 2006 // 15 Comments
  • Matthew McConaughey may have selective memory syndrome. [LA.comfidential]
  • Actress Rachel Weisz makes sexy for Burberry. [Just Jared]
  • Jessica Simpson before and after she slept with Adam Levine. [Egotastic]
  • Two days later, the luckless pedestrian noticed a burning, chafing sensation where Tommy Lee‘s lips had touched his cheek. [The Corsair]
  • Johnny Deep and Angelina Jolie are set to star in Wuthering Heights. Hotness. [IDLYITW]
  • Aretha Franklin and Big Momma. Oh no they didn’t! [CityRag]
  • Former Playboy bunny Summer Attice straddles a car. [Hollywood Tuna]
  • Drew Barrymore looking very stylish at the Curious George premiere. [Hollywood Rag]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ShoeSlut

    (RE: Bullet #5, Wuthering Heights movie)

    Well, well, well… The shoe will soon be on the other foot. Miss Jolie is soon set to co-star with Johnny Depp, a sexy actor AND they will film love scenes together… Hmmm… Wonder how Mr. Pitt will feel about that. I’m sure Johnny Depp is a faithful husband and all, but the sheer fact of picturing Angelina in his arms is sure to send Brad into a tailspin of karmic retribution fear! I’m sure tabs such as The Star will fabricate all sorts of stories to suggest a Jolie-Depp affair. Do I want it to really happen? No. Am I hoping families will be torn apart for retribution purposes? No. But I do hope Brad feels something remotely close to what Jennifer felt ’cause he certainly didn’t make it a fun place for her to be. Chin up, team Aniston! And for all you people who will ask if I’ve been scorned, if I need a man and if I’m ugly — no, no, and no. I just believe in doing what’s right and in morals ’cause KARMA’s a bitch and she knows where you live!

  2. Fugly Girl

    I don’t believe the Matthew M story for a minute. How many hobags go around claiming to have slept with celebs? I’m sure he’s had his fair share of anonymous trysts, but puleeez. If she’s so special what is she doing in a 7-eleven?

  3. T.J.

    ShoeSlut nailed it this time, fo’ sho’. I think Johnny trumps Brad, and Brad should be afraid. Very afraid. Angelina was married to Billy Bob Thorton! She totally goes for those quirky guys! Brad’s too ‘white bread’ to compete. See ya!!

  4. krystyn

    fyi- Johnny Depp isn’t married to Vanessa Paradis, just together forever with kids…

  5. DJ

    HA HA Brad….just desserts are coming your way!

  6. ShoeSlut

    Hey Krystyn — you’re right about Johhny not being married to Vanessa — my bad…

    I swear — when this movie starts filming, I am gonna grab a great big bucket of popcorn, sit back, kick up my feet and analyze every tabloid picture of Brad, looking on (with Mad & Zahara in tow, of course) as Angelina does what she does best, which is ******* (fill in the blanks).

  7. lady

    ShoeSlut i agree with you 100%
    and Brad deserves it. And Its time that the world sees her for what she is.

  8. Go Girl!

    People, I am so sorry for all of you that you can’t have the exciting life that Angelina leads. Having men fall at your feet and having morons & losers diss you online. If your theories are correct, why did she not have a fling with Matt Damon? He is married and they just filmed together. Poor Angie, even if she does not do anything, ppl will suggest she did. They can’t stand how fine she is. Period. The bitch sure has power. That, my friends, is called true sexuality. When morons you don’t know hate you for being fine and luscious. You go Angie. Go girl!

  9. bestdress

    Aretha is a beautiful woman!
    Well, well, well I knew Jessica was nothing but a slut….so whats new?
    Drew is so HOT!

  10. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    Fugly girl: i much prefer talking about Matthew mconaughey than Brad Pitt/angelina bore too! you go girl! – so what if he dont remember sleeping with some bint who he bumps into at 7/11 she should get over it

  11. Audacte

    I am sorry, I think Johnny Depp is an outstanding actor and is well qualified to play Heathcliff (or any role he wants)… but I think there are numerous NUMEROUS more qualified actresses to play Cathy. Ideally, an undiscovered English actress who brings real acting talent to the screen. As for Matt Damon or Johnny Depp: I think they prefer more sane women and, honestly, are probably too dominant for Angelina’s tastes. All I know at this point is that I could love to see Paris Hilton, Lyndsay Lohan, Brittany/Kevin, Brad, Angelina and, yes, even Jen, dropped from the damn daily photos/gossip columns. Aren’t there other stars doing anything of even remote interest??? Post Script: I think Matthew McC. looks like he would be a laugh riot to hang out with!

  12. Anna

    ^Agreed, Audacte! Wuthering Heights deserves a better lead actress than Angelina Jolie. Yeah, yeah, I know, she won an Oscar — for playing a mentally disturbed individual, and I dare say it wasn’t exactly a stretch.

  13. smarties

    Anna you took thw rods right out of my mouth.
    What does she have for her credit (acting wise, i dont even want to get into personal stuff…)?
    tomb raider: running around with guns isnt gonna help her in dramatic roles.
    Original Sin: softcore porn.
    Hackers: o my…enough said.
    Mr and Mrs Smith: see Tomb Raider.
    Basically she just lacks the acting skill for the role.

  14. Fugly Girl

    Just wanted to comment on the capability of Angie’s acting. I agree, her acting is sub-par, but we are the same society that paid money to see the MATRIX….can there be a worse actor than Keanu Reeves.

    In my best surfer dude voice, “i am and F-B-I agent……dude.” Come on people. You know most actors/actresses suck at what they do.

  15. T.J.

    Keanu was especially crappy in ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’. What moron cast Keanu opposite Gary Oldman, anyway? Gary’s awesome acting really brought out Keanu’s suck.

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