Blog Dish: Are You Hungry Enough to Eat the Dishes?

  • “An inattentive waiter forces two diners to partake in lunch without food. They eat everything on their table – the flowers, the tablecloth, their plates, their clothes, and in a nod to Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush, their shoes. But it doesn’t stop there…” [WFMU’s Beware of the Blog]
  • The Good Christian’s Guide to Child Abuse: “If the child is angry after the smack, you have not smacked hard enough.” Nice. [Stuff]
  • My boyfriend loves video games and I despise them. We fight all the time about Halo and MVP Baseball, and of course, I always win. But now there’s a way to enjoy art and video games simultaneously. My relationship has been saved! Thank you Internet! [Jeremiah Palecek]
  • Oh my god I thought people like this were urban legends! Seriously, Harry Potter is not thaat cool.

Written by Christina Sciarrillo

Tags: Harry Potter