B-Listers Are Crazy

So everyone knows the saga of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards. Both seem nuts, and sorta the king and queen of the b-list universe in that they get a lot of ink and haven’t done much to deserve it. Anyway, they’re divorced from each other and everything seemed fine. But sources are saying Denise is pissed because Charlie has a new girl and Denise might have to kidnap somebody’s daughter and take her on a roller coaster.

Sheen is trying to haul Richards into L.A. Family Court to get looser visitation rights with his daughters, Lola and Sam, that won’t require him to be supervised. Richards is opposed to leniency.

“She’s doing everything she can to keep his visits supervised by her nanny, because her nanny spies for her,” one Sheen pal said.


More details on what Denise Richards is thinking after the jump.

Part of the problem, the friend says, is that Richards “wants another child – she even asked Charlie to be the father. Denise is very jealous of [Sheen’s new fiancée] Brooke [Mueller] and craves the spotlight.”

Ewww. Charlie Sheen needed to hang onto that aura of hotness when he talked to Jennifer Grey in the police station in “Ferris Bueller”. Of course, he was like 18 then but he had it going on. There’s also some wacky bullshit about Denise basically stalking Charlie’s chick and arranging a photo op of them together. Denise denies all this. What’s not being asked is who gives a shit about these people and why does Charlie have a hit sitcom? With Ducky?