Blind Items: Gays Gone Wild!

February 27th, 2007 // 11 Comments

Which coked-up, oversexed celeb, not previously linked with guys, gave a pleasant surprise to a visiting gay New Yorker in the backyard of a pre-Oscars party in l.A. Friday night?

Which two male TV actors (one of whom is married) were making out in the bathroom of the Vanity Fair Oscars party Sunday night?

(via Gatecrasher)

By Jessica Marx

  1. vanityfair

    well just by browsing through the guest list, it looks like the stars of Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes and The OC were present at the party so for the second one… somebody from those tv shows

  2. justguessin

    Married TV Stars at Vanity Fair Party:

    Patrick Dempsey, Adrian Pasdar, Eric Dane

    Single TV Stars at the Vanity Fair Party:

    Adam Brody, Milo Ventimiglia, Anderson Cooper

  3. JCguy

    The TV star can’t be Anderson Cooper the item said the TV star was not previously linked with guys. So, that counts anderson out.

  4. I would totally dig the hotness of an Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia pairing! Damn!

  5. libraesque

    Tom Cruise was the married guy, making out with……Wentworth Miller???

  6. LRM216

    Wasn’t Travolta there too?

  7. tia

    Wentworth wasn’t there he was in Dallas filming

  8. Snot Nosed Bastard

    Unfortunately, Hugh Jackman is my choice for bearded actor…too bad he is not a TV actor.

  9. dinkinflicka

    wow this totally makes sense as to why the press all of a sudden is trying to pair milo ventimiglia and emmy rossum together… i guess he is gay for pasdar… according to interviews they have a “close” friendship.

  10. leanne

    i’m laughing my arse off if you people seriously think Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar were making out. Get lives.

  11. yeah

    for christ sake, the picture even looks like pasdar

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