Blind Items: Drugs, Booze and Drugs

February 20th, 2007 // 28 Comments

Which leotard-loving pop icon won’t be performing in Tokyo any time soon? Our tipster said she’s been banned from entering Japan “because she got caught with drugs” there. [Page Six]

Which handsome Hollywood perennial has drifted into a boozy haze since the end of his gazillion-dollar franchise? The dashing dude is “always drunk” and has gotten so vague, he neglected to dump his old girlfriend before moving in with the new one, says an insider. [Gatecrasher]

Which funnyman musician wound down after his recent concert here by getting “stoned out of his mind” at his after-party? [Page Six]

By Jessica Marx

  1. akare

    Lets guess but I have to give the disclaimer that Im sick and our of my mind. Is it Kylie Mnogue? The other is it Pierce Brosnan? and Jammie Fox?

  2. spark

    1. Madonna

    2. Bruce Willis, although I dont think he’s a dashing dude.

    3. Jamie Foxx

  3. Amanda

    1. Madonna
    2. Not sure
    3. Justin Timberlake

  4. Stacey

    1. Madonna

  5. Stacey

    1. Madonna

  6. Maryjane

    1. Madonna

    2. ??

    3. Jamie Foxx

  7. Dan

    1) Madonna
    2) ?
    3) Jack Black (Tenacious D)

  8. akare

    Sorry I sooo Did not get it right! I wanna try again. I say Madonna,for the second and third I dont care enought to bother

  9. i think the pop diva is diana ross. she used to wear leotards with chiffony coats over them during concerts. she’s all over tv trying to sell her new cd which is not selling and for some reason when you’re washed up here you can still tour in japan. clueless about the other ones

  10. Fiamma

    I think 1 – Madonna 2- Keanu Reeves (The Matrix baby!) 3 – Justin is the most recent so I will go with that as wwell

  11. M

    Damn stealing shit from other gossip blogs?? This shit has been all over the place all morning! I am SOOO disappointed. Be careful you might get sued like a certain pink-haired fatass did.

  12. the third one is SO john mayer…

  13. J

    2.–I heard that Bruce Willis is currently training for a new Die Hard movie, so i don’t think it’s him. Besides–”dashing” and Bruce? i dont think so. I think its Pierce Brosnan…

  14. J

    i forgot Pierce is married. shit. well, i have no idea.

  15. Sam

    1. Madonna

    2. Sly Stallone

    3. John Mayer

  16. Jfazz

    1. Cher
    2. Harrison Ford (I think Star Wars and Indy Jones made about a gazillion-dollars.)
    3. ?

  17. Tine

    The first one can’t be Madonna – she doesn’t do drugs unless maybe they were a prescription that isn’t allowed over there?

    No idea on #2.

    #3 is John Mayer.

  18. janine

    jack black

  19. skidnarella

    1. Cher or Diana Ross

    2. Keannu

    3. Jack Black

    Madonna is way too much of a control freak to be #1

  20. sarah

    I agree #11! These Blind Items are all over the blogs today. Everyone seems to think #2 is Keanu or Bruce, but I think it’s someone younger. The clue “perennial” alludes to flowers and who else but Orlando Bloom has had not one but two franchises end in the last few years, both of which made a gazillion dollars (LOTR and POTC, which just finished filming.)

    1. probs not Madonna, this would make too much news if she was banned in Japan. I think Kylie Minogue or Diana Ross.

    2. Orlando Bloom

    3. John Mayer

  21. hazel

    1.) Hilary Duff

    2.) no clue

    3.) Jack Black

  22. chichi

    The perenial is Mike Myers, he is divorced and Shrek is over and he is drunk.

  23. T

    For #3, it clearly starts off as “Which funnyman musician”…

    JT and John Mayer – while I’m sure they may be HI-LAR-IOUS in thier personal lives – are not known for being funnymen

    I’m more likely to belive that #3 is Jaime Foxx

  24. 1. Madonna
    3. I’m pretty sure it’s Jack Black

  25. Joshua

    Madonna does not do drugs and please keep it real if Madonna did drugs that would have been news years ago and nothing she does escapes the media. Its not her , just another lame attempt at trying to harm her career.

  26. PS

    1) Madonna – maybe she doesn’t do drugs NOW, but they may be remembering her earlier, hard-partying days on tour.

    2) Pierce Brosnan – his 007 days are over.

    3) John Mayer. Yes, Jack Black is a funnyman/comedian, however John Mayer played here NYC about 2 weeks ago and is witty onstage and during interviews. He went out on the town with Jessica that last night of his tour. Maybe when he’s stoned out of his mind, he thinks Jessica’s reached his intellectual level. Guess he’s stoned very often.

  27. Megan

    i don’t think it’s madonna for the first one, but i just think it’s hilarious that people think she doesn’t do drugs just because she says she doesn’t and that anyone who says differently is just jealous

  28. AnaisNun

    #1 Diana Ross sounds good

    #2 No clue

    #3 If it isn’t Jack Black, it would make sense if it were Mr. Dave Grohl, who truly is very funny and… just wouldn’t be a big shock, I guess.
    Lots of people get really stoned. I don’t judge anyone who’s “on the pots”. There are much worse things to be on….like CRACK.

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