Blind Items: Drugs, Sex and More Sex

March 17th, 2006 // 19 Comments

In case you missed these Page Six goodies yesterday, have a shot at them.

Which married “Sopranos” actor has been having an affair with an actress who will appear in the series later this season? . . .

Which cute young Hollywood couple is kaput? The blond babe dumped her hunk after she found out he gave her herpes . . .

Which downtown photographer, who got famous shooting her druggie pals, left everyone waiting and waiting at last week’s gallery opening in Chelsea? People were whispering that she’d OD’d last year and that her recent work is mediocre.

Just Asking [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. katie

    Oooooooooooh, I wonder if the second one is Hilary Duff!!

  2. Do you think the second one could be scarlett and josh?

  3. tia

    Well when you say herpes I think Paris, but since you say cute couple I think Resse and Ryan. He has always seemed like the player type to me, then again it could be hillary duff too. Or it could be lc and jason from laguna. I dont know lol .. too many couples in hollywood !!!

  4. I think LC and Jason hardly qualify as a young hollywood couple. They’re pretty much irrellevant.

  5. from on high

    goldenfiddle says kate bosworth and orlando bloom: “WHICH cute young Hollywood couple is kaput? The blond babesworth dumped her whorlando after she found out he gave her herpes.”

  6. netty

    I wanna know which Sopranos Actor is having an affair. Hmmm could it be Tony???

  7. Shawn

    How do you find out the real answers to these? They’re always the juiciest!

  8. maryanne29

    First one, I think the actress might be Julianna Margulies, and married actor might be Michael Imperioli. I don’t think James Gandolfini is currently married.

  9. hmmmm… I would say that last mystery is Judy Linn

  10. tahlullah

    Last one is Cindy Sherman

  11. k

    The photographer is Nan Goldin.

  12. starving nachos

    Paris supposedly has herpes, but did I give it to her?????

  13. I agree: the second one is either Scarlett Johanssen or Kate Bosworth. I doubt it’s Hilary Duff, especially since she’s a brunette now, right? Also, neither she nor her ugly boyfriend is cute.

  14. JASON

    i’d say the second item is charlize theron and stuart townsend. it’s rumored that they’ve recently broken up.

  15. mrs.long

    the last one is 100% nan goldin. the others, who cares? well, actually i am curious about the married soprano.

  16. lala

    it can’t be paris hilton & stavros because she probably gave herpes to stavros, not the other way around.

  17. stc

    for #2 what about Ryan Gossling and Rachel McAdams? (not sure about her name)

  18. Kim


  19. jagexpress

    1. Michael Imperioli …
    2. Parasite
    3. Dunno … May have been teh one that passed out at Sundance?

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