Blind Items: Crystal Meth And Then Some

January 27th, 2006 // 22 Comments

Get those thinking caps on people.

WHICH babe-loving billionaire has started checking IDs of the young models he invites on his private jet? The randy retail king is nervous that his high-altitude hookups with underage playthings will draw unwanted attention from his more respectable friends . . .

WHICH spurned starlet hired a private investigator to tail her philandering boyfriend all around Hollywood after their painful breakup? . . .

WHICH squeaky-clean former soap actor is battling a secret addiction to crystal meth? The hunky star once checked into Passages rehab in Los Angeles in a failed bid to kick the habit.

(Source: Page Six)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tilly

    The Marshal Fields Heir (cant think of his name)
    Mary Kate Olsen
    That hot actor that is on Las Vegas that use to be on some soap (this is a guess)

  2. jamie


  3. fashionista

    the last id defintely josh from vegas, his girlfriend fergie used to be addicted to meth

  4. cdemarval

    #1 Ted Fields (?) is the MF heir…

  5. BL

    The first one is Ron Burkle, slimy supermarket billionaire who has his own private 757

  6. klesky

    the second one is absolutely lindsay lohan, i knew about this long ago.

  7. AA

    I would have thought the 2nd one was Sienna Miller after her and Jude Law broke up. There has been a lot said lately about how she put rules on him after they got back together, I can see her hiring a PI to keep check.

  8. natasha

    could the first one be the guy who owns virgin mobil? richard branson? hes british and “randy”.

  9. susan

    i agree with AA, i was going to say sienna miller. but i hate these, though, i never know them!!

  10. anona

    #1) P.Diddy
    #2) Lindsay Lohan
    #3) Josh from Vegas

  11. krystyn

    could the first one be Richard Branson or whatever his name is, Virgin guy?

    second one is pbviously a nut job, and I’d go with Lindsay or Sienna, sure!

    last one is either Josh or Antonio something or other…used to be on GH…

  12. BL

    The first one says “retail king”. Neither Branson, Fields or P. Diddy are in the retail business. Burkle owns supermarkets. He is frequently described in the news as “supermarket king” and is known to be a modelizer. At one point, he was rumored to be looking at buying Elite a couple of years ago.

  13. bleu

    the girls gone wild guy (Joe Francis?)has a jet and is know for taking young girls on trips

  14. lulu

    ^Bleu et al. : Don´t you guys understand what “retail” means???

  15. cheryl

    i say the second one is jennifer anniston..that bitch is crazy…

  16. CDM

    I’m going with John Stamos on the third one.

  17. sara

    2. mary kate?

  18. JaneSays

    I’m going with “Sir” ((i.e. respectable) Richard Branson in the as the first one. He IS a retail king if you consider how much his Virgin Superstores and stupid phone/phone service bring in nationwide yearly; he’s know for his love of his toys, namely his jets, planes, helidoodles, or whatever they call them, etc. He’s also rumoured to be a notorious lothario and I’m guessing they’re referring to him as randy as a horndog ’cause he’s British.

    Second one sounds like something LaLohan would do. Poor Wilmer.

    I think the third is Stamos also. He’s been behaving so overly “exuberantly” for the last couple of years now and, although he’s still sexy as hell, gives me that volatile, tweaker-ish vibe. I hope I’m wrong though.

  19. liz

    will we ever know the answers to these? it drives me crazy!!

  20. Krystyn

    Um, is Branson isn’t in RETAIL then please tell me what it is he does…

    Seems to me the dude sells things, phones etc and thats considered retail.

  21. mac

    Branson is not in retail Krystyn. He is primarily a service provider – phones and airlines.

    Retails is someone operating stores that sell items (drugstores, saks, grocery stores, etc.)

  22. Karina

    Not sure about the first 2 but the last one is maybe Jodie Sweetin (middle child, Stephanie) from Full House??

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