Blind Items: Actresses Doing Who Knows What

February 3rd, 2006 // 34 Comments

Post your guesses in the comments section.

WHICH sexy actress was more than just a fashion model before she married a handsome actor and had his kids? This beauty was dumped by her agency when her bookers learned she was stripping in a Queens joint for extra cash . . .

WHICH newly single sexpot bedded a cad-about-town – who has already slept with several starlets of lesser wattage – after a boozy night at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood? . . .

WHICH actress who voiced a popular cartoon series is said to be a slam-dunk in the sack for Hollywood party boys who prefer a certain kind of sex act?

(Source: Page Six)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. DJ

    Jessica Simpson

  2. Miss Tea

    The last one has got to be Brittany Murphy.

  3. ella

    1. melanie griffith
    2. jessica simpson and adam levine
    3. britney murphy – she is LuAnne in King of the Hill

  4. doofus

    first one – ?????

    second one – agree, Jessica Simpson (that item about her and Adam Levine was ALL OVER the gossip pages this past week…after all that, why you’d need to make it a blind item is beyond me…)

    third one – I’d also go with Brittany Murphy, but then I realized that Mila Kunis (of that 70′s show) is on the Family Guy. Murphy comes off as(and has been perceived to be) kind of slutty, so I’d go with her.

  5. 1. ?? Maybe Melanie Griffith?
    2. Jessica Simpson, natch
    3. Brittany Murphy

  6. K

    I agree with #2 and #3….
    First one??? Heather Locklear? Sharon Stone??

  7. Lisa

    What’s more interesting is what kind of sex act it is she’s into.

  8. Totally going with what Ella said on all of em.

  9. Blindqueen

    1st one is Lorenzo Lamas and Shauna Sands?

  10. SamOlds

    1. Denise Richards
    2. Simpson
    3. Murphy (anal)

  11. ShoeSlut

    This might be a silly question, but do we ever find out the actual answers to these?! I’m especially curious about #1…
    : )

  12. NYC2FL

    Still undecided on #1

    but #2 is definitely Jessica Simpson…it’s a little late to be “just asking” since it’s been on the gossip sites for weeks.

    My first guess on #3 was Brittany Murphy but Mila Kunis is a close second.

  13. MissJane

    I don’t think it’s Mila.. she’s engaged to be married to Macaulay Culkin, plus she doesn’t seem to be very into the party scene.

  14. Your Mom

    I don’t know the first two, but for the last one I would have to say either Mila Kunis (Meg from Family Guy) or Brittany Murphy (LuAnn Platter from King of the Hill).

  15. Christine

    Since Brittany’s ass doesn’t seem seductive enough for guys to slam dunk the anal pleasure, I think BJ’s are probably her forte. Her mouth is huge, if you’ve ever seen her laugh, so that’s my guess.

  16. #1 – can’t say
    #2 – Everyone all together now… JESSICA SIMPSON
    #3 – Maybe Hillary Duff? Cartoon character, Lizzie McGuire.

  17. QueenB

    1. Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy’s soon to be ex-wife)

    2. Jessica Simpson (Adam Levine is fine ya’ll)

    3. I would have to go w/ Brittany Murphy.

  18. jason

    i agree with the majority on 2 & 3, however #1 is definitely NOT melanie griffith. her mother is actress tippi hedren of alfred hitchcock films and her father was a hollywood agent. she then married don johnson in her teens. there was never any need for melanie to strip in queens for extra cash.

  19. krystyn

    I’m going with Denise Richards for #1

    2 is obviously Simpson

    and the last is Brittany Murphy. I’ve read some seedy stories about her and the wait staff!

  20. lo

    Um, wasn’t the Jessica romp at the Chateau Marmont, and not the Roosevelt?

  21. sassysue2u

    How about Uma Thurman for #1?

  22. DeadBlackberry

    #1: Nicole Murphy

    #2: Shannon Elizabeth

    #3: Brittany Murphy (Teabagger)

  23. bored

    1) uma is a good choice
    2) it’s obvious
    3) what about scarlett johanson (from sponge bob square pants?)

  24. yup

    that last one… i just saw the other day that drew barrymore will be one of the voices in a cartoon movie coming soon… i dunno thought i’d throw it out there

  25. NYC2FL

    #1 can’t be Nicole Murphy…what has she ever acted in? I have a better guess..Talisa Soto. She used to be a magazine model, she was born in Brooklyn and is now married to Benjamin Bratt and they have two kids!

  26. sassysue2u

    Hmmm, Talisa was raised in MA and did a lot of her modeling in Europe I think. I’m sticking with Uma who had more of a wild child upbringing :-)

  27. MZ

    1. Could be Uma but I am going with Carey Lowell, wife of Richard Gere.

    2. Shannon Elizabeth, Jessica is too obvious.

    3. Definitely Brittany Murphy. The item said “cartoon series” so it can’t be a movie.

  28. Veronica Sawyer

    I think the last one is Lacey Chabert. She’s done tons of voice work on cartooons, particularly the popular show “The Wild Thornberrys”. I don’t think it’s Mila Kunis cuz she’s supposedly enaged to Maculay Culkin. Could be Brittnay Murphy but I’m going with Chabert. You wouldn’t think she’s that way but its the perfect cover.

  29. Who knows

    Is #3 Brittany? It saya voiced, as in past tense. Doesn’t Brittany STILL do the voice of Luann?

  30. Annie

    #1 can’t be Denise Richards . . . because *stripping* is not the particular skeleton in her closet. That would be like reporting that Kate Moss used to drink a lot — not at all interesting compared to the bigger truth.

  31. The Captain

    The bigger truth?

    Elaborate, please.

  32. Heather

    i have no i dea who #1 is but whoever said Talisa Soto had a pretty convincing argument, so i’ll just go w/ that

    i’m also gonna venture to say that #2 is prolly not Jessica because yah that would be too obvious, its not exactly a blind item, and number 2 she supposedly hooked up w/ adam levine at the chateau marmont which is where he lives so why would they go to the roosevelt

    and also #3 says voiced as in past tense, it also said she voiced a cartoon series as opposed to just character, which leads me to belive she was a main character and luann and meg are both pretty minor characters on those shows, so my guess for #3 is Pam Anderson who had her own cartton show on comedy central called Stripperella which is no longer on

  33. Girly Girl

    This Blind Item was lifted off of Gawker…

    Gawker confirms:

    1.) Tea Leoni (uh, none of us even saw that one coming… we must be riding the gossip ‘short bus’ or something…)

    2.) Jessica Simpson

    3.) Brittney Murphy

  34. alrac

    which sex act is it on #3?

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