Blind Items: A Woman Seducing A Gay Man?

January 30th, 2006 // 19 Comments

Sex, sex, sex. It’s all about sex.

Which New York City fashion photographer – not known for his interest in women – is the bizarre subject of gossip as being a possible third man in the allegedly troubled marriage of that international pop superstar? Laughs one insider: “If anyone could seduce a gay man, she could.” (Source: Gatecrasher)

Which recent ex of a now-middle-age stage and screen siren wasted no time in getting an online dating profile? Go for it, girls: He’s got millions in property, and his screen-name is a reference to his hobby rock ‘n’ roll band. (Source: Gatecrasher)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. krystyn

    Well, the first one, I don’t know who the photographer is, but the star is obviously Madonna. No doubt.

  2. Me!

    I think the second one is Keanu Reeves. He was dating Diane Keaton and he has a band called Dogstar.

  3. Melissa

    Could it be Christina Applegate’s ex, Johnathon Scatcheh? (however the EFF you spell it!) for the second item.

  4. jess

    okay im definitely stepping out of the box here but the first thing that came to mind was victoria beckham and heather locklear’s ex…the motley crue guy.

  5. gossipwhore

    The first one Becks and Posh???? Second… ummmm guessing Christina Applegate as well.

  6. kitchenetta

    The second is Kathleen Turner and husband Jay Weiss.
    The first I’m guessing is Madonna and David La Chappelle

  7. Ava Verhaal

    The first one is Madonna.

  8. Roni

    the first could be david lachapelle…but then again, i kinda assumed he was gay….

  9. Roni

    …just read the item again and the NOT known for his interest in women…so its DEF david l!

  10. Sarah

    Comment Number 6 has this one correct. No question. Madonna had a recent photoshoot with DL this past month and sparks flew. It’s dinner conversation downtown among his friends. As for the second one, Kathleen Turner’s husband Jay Wise has a profile online. Nothing seedy, just a guy putting himself out there on the dating scene. While a real estate investor by day, he does have a band (I believe he plays base) at night. More for fun than anything else.

  11. stupid fucks

    you dont have to guess just click the source is pam anderson and kanye west gah

  12. Guessing

    i’m guessing Sharon Stone for the 2nd one

  13. diva1

    Definitly NOT David LaChapelle…. they don’t even get along. IT’s photographer Steven Klein who shot her last ablum cover and the yoga W shoot a couple years back.

  14. ev

    “stupid fucks”- since when Is pam anderson an international pop superstar? And they’re called “blind items”= you don’t know the answers!

    Who’s the dumbfuck now?!

  15. WakeUp!

    Since when is Christina Applegate middle-aged????

  16. Ummmm...

    Could the first one be Madonna and Steven Meisel? He’s cute and gay (?). The second, I don’t know…

  17. T

    David Hasselhoff

  18. Mee

    Steven Meisel – is he still alive? Did Herb Ritts die? Sorry…not sure.

  19. janet

    A woman seducing a Gay Man??
    and I thought you were talking about Hayden C!!!

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