Blind Items: A Restaurateur And A Corporate Captain

July 8th, 2005 // 7 Comments

Which down-on-his luck restaurateur with a boldface girlfriend owes his daughter’s school so much money, it refused to release her transcript for her college application?

Which corporate captain is having a pal bring his much younger boyfriend to his daughter’s wedding this month because the kids still don’t know that’s the reason he left Mommy?

Which blond party monster now comes equipped with a portable Starbucks coffee grinder? Apparently, she has decided this is the best way to pulverize weed for her new pot habit … which might explain why she hasn’t been out drinking as much lately.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger [Gatecrasher]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ma

    The last one is the only one I have any idea about…Maybe Nicole Richie or Hohan?

  2. kristina

    party monster: tara reid or ashley olson

  3. Ella

    I was thinking Tara Ried too.

  4. marg

    I was going to say Jann Wenner but his kids are pretty old to be innocent about the whole fiasco with Matt Nye.

  5. Green

    The “party monster” I think refers to Cloe Sevigny. She was in the movie of the same name with Macauley Caulkin from 2003. Plus she seems like the pot type. Have you ever seen how she comes out of the house? She must be high!

  6. betty Boop

    I heard this morning that Tara Reid carries a starbucks cup to grind up her weed in.

  7. Tara Reid has put on a few lbs. Typical for a pot user. NOthing goes better w/ pot than a bag of puffed cheetoes and a milkshake chaser.

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