Blind Items: A Partying Teen Queen

January 23rd, 2006 // 21 Comments

There isn’t much to go on here, so let the guessing begin.

Which teen queen was partying with a thirtysomething female pop star at her NYC home until 10 a.m. last week? What could they have possibly been doing to keep them up so late? (Source: Gatecrasher)

Which NBA great was down in Miami last week, getting bull-ish at the nightclub Prive with a woman who wasn’t his wife? (Source: Gatecrasher)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. MJ

    La Lohan and Michael Jordan??

  2. QueenB

    I am with MJ all the way…Lohan and MJ

  3. Jen

    M.J. is divorced.

  4. Krystyn

    MJ or Scottie Pippen…any other Bull greats? I’m not really into basketball.

    The first has to be Lohan.

  5. MC

    MJ isn’t divorced…
    definately LLohan

  6. Ames

    definately lohan although i think duff is into the latenight sniffin’ too.. was Shaq a bull? he’s married so that would fit

  7. NastyGalz

    This site is the greatest!! I got here via Media Take Out

  8. Gossip Guru

    I say Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss.
    And the second one is Tim Ledger!!!!!

  9. GossiP Guru

    Maybe not Tim Ledger.

  10. Cheri

    Dennis Rodman ya’ll!!

  11. Cheri

    Teen “queen” could be a clue – confessions of a teenage drama queen? La Lohan! But – I don’t think Kate Moss is the thirtysomething-er – she’s not a pop star.

  12. Mr. Senor Evan

    i’m clueless on the first because nothing to join the two girls together.

    for the “bullish” person I would probably go with Rodman since he has talked many times about the open relationship he and his wife have. they don’t even live in the same house in l.a. (though it could be scottie pippen since he has a house in miami, too)

  13. jen

    Michael Jordan is divorced.

  14. doofus

    although I agree with all of you that La Lohan is the “teen queen”, I heard this rumor on another site and the person La Lohan was supposedly with was none other than Mariah Carey. and she IS a “thirty-something female pop star”.

    why a “thirtysomething” would want to hang out with a 19-year old is beyond me. Kate Moss, Mariah Carey…hang out with people your own age!

    as for the second one, it’s can’t be Rodman because the info that he was with someone other than his wife is newsworthy. if it were Rodman, that part wouldn’t matter because of the open-relationship they supposedly have. I guess Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippen. and if MJ is really divorced, then I’m going with Pippen.

  15. easy like a Sunday morning

    1st item is Ms. LL & Ms. MC

  16. BlazerMary

    Michael Jordan isn’t divorced. They were separted for a while but reconciled. She was prominent on his book tour last fall. Her mother died last month and all the newspaper notices mentioned Michael as her husband, not her estranged husband.

  17. anona

    Yeah, Micheal Jordan is NOT DIVORCED. He was on Oprah recently with his wife. He even talked about the seperation. The teen queen has got to be L.LO.

  18. ilostmyshoe

    1. My answer for every ‘teen queen’ blind item…Hillary Duff.

    2. Seems too easy it would be a present/former Chicago Bull.

  19. E

    Definatly Michael Jordan and he is for sure not divorced. Rumors in Chicago is that he is constantly cheating on his wife.

  20. KnowitALL

    Ok the person is Lindsay Lohan and the 30 year old something is none other than Mariah Carey. Lindsay was blowing coke at the mercer with a publicist friend and then when the publicist friend had to fly out to LA for business, she pleaded with her to stay with her and her private jet could take her home later. This publicist said no thanks and so Lindsay went to mariah’s pad in nyc where Mariah had been blowing coke for 3 days straight. yes this is alll true. I even know what floor lindsay was staying in…Room 626 at the mercer. Shes fucked up and a complete druggie. Dont beleive the bullshit that she says when she denies it.

  21. boop

    MJ doesn’t like them young…

    he likes them white, and fat. TRUST ME!!!

    I have seen him several times…

    and he doesn’t like clubs

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