Blind Item: Someone On Saturday Night Live is Blowing Rails

You know it’s a slow news day when I’m running blind items . Seriously, Britney’s under lockdown and there’s no more rampaging Manson girl with umbrella photos to remark on. Anyway, somebody on SNL likes to snort all the yay.

Which “SNL”-er is living up to the show’s storied history of drug abuse with a whole lot of blow at the all-night after-show parties?

I’m gonna guess Samberg. Just because he’s irritating. Laser cats and Narnia? Shut up, bitch. He’s even more irritating than Jimmy Fallon and that guy’s like when something’s caught in your eye and you can’t get it out. And you’re all tearing up and wishing you were dead and have to go to the emergency room. It happened to my boyfriend. A pebble friggin’ flew up into the car window and lodged in his damn eye. And the poor bearguy was like streaming tears from one eye and almost mewling in pain. I felt bad for him, but I was happy it wasn’t my eye. Jimmy Fallon and Samberg are like that.

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