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February 7th, 2005 // 18 Comments

Via Daily Dish

Which newly-ish-wed Hollywood megastar is said to have “booked” his call-girl wife at a Los Angeles brothel and made up a cover story after he got engaged? – Now that’s just kind of sad.

Which closeted gay Hollywood star hits on reluctant straight boys with the line “You don’t have to be a water-skier to water-ski?” – That’s kind of clever.

Plus the big Desperate Housewives rumor:

One of the stars — who has apparently been dating a WB star for 18 months — is going to reveal her own sexuality, just in time for May sweeps. The PR blitz is said to ­include a cover story in gay news mag The Advocate, plus a tour of the talk shows. – That one’s just plain obvious.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Joselina

    I think #1 is Nic Cage.

  2. C.K. Dexter-Haven

    I think the first one could be Kevin Costner…


    the first one has to be charlie sheen.. wasn’t denise richards a heidi fleiss girl before she “made it big” in hollywood?

  4. Jack

    Obviously Marcia Cross for the Desperate Housewives rumor. A friend of mine saw her at Girl Bar in L.A. years ago. She’s also, by all accounts, a very sweet and lovely woman.

    Don’t know about the first.

  5. Nicolina

    ive read in assorted places the big guess is marcia cross and lori loughlin but im not bankin on nothing

  6. Sarabeth

    I think Lori Laughlin is married to Mossimo

  7. sarabeara

    nick cage? What about dennis quaid? He and his “lady” love to go to strip clubs and get private rooms for lap dances.

  8. nobody

    Number one is DEFINITELY Nicholas Cage. In all of the releases regarding his new wife, 18 year old Alice Kim from Korea, it said they met at an LA restaurant where she was a waitress. His people made sure everybody knew she was a waitress. They beat it into our heads that she was a waitress. Normal engagements like Dennis Quaid’s, for example, do not emphasize what she does. Quaid’s wife is a real estate agent, I digress. Anyway, Mrs. Cage is very young and from Korea which makes this seem like a no-brainer. Number two is Tom Cruise, I guess and the third is Marcia Cross.

  9. Allycat

    I have read that Denise Richards used to be a Heid Fleiss girl and it is well known that Charlie Sheen was a purchaser of said girls and that is how they met.

  10. Not sure Charlie Sheen (or even Dennis Quaid) is a “Hollywood megastar.” Nicholas Cage definitely is.

    I read a bit a while back about his wife being bored at home and wanting to “waitress” again. According to the source, Nic told her he would buy her a “restaurant” if she wanted to “work.”

    Nice piece of malice there, if the call-girl-wife thing is true.

  11. Maria

    Number one I don’t know, Number two is defenitely Kevin Spacey and number three is as we all know Marcia Cross.

  12. Wtf

    “Anyway, Mrs. Cage is very young and from Korea which makes this seem like a no-brainer.”

    That is the most ignorant comment I have ever heard. Whether Alice Kim was a call girl or wasn’t, I don’t know. However, to use the fact that she is Korean to support the above rumor is undeniably racist. What the hell is that even supposed to mean?

    There’s no denying that she married Nicholas Cage for his money and status, obviously, but to confirm that she was trash because of her ethnicity is just low. And her being young makes it a no-brainer? Honey, there are plenty of call girls who are anything but.

    As a “young” Korean-American, I find the above comment ageist and racist. Get a clue.

  13. Ella

    Number 2 – John Travolta

  14. WTF2

    I Totally agree with the comments made above stating how racist and ignorant the comments made by “nobody” were. What the F-ck is that to say “Mrs.Cage is young and Korean” have to do with anything being mentioned? Does her race have anything to do with the type of person she is? I agree that she is obviously in it for the money. But it really makes me want to puke hearing such ignorant statements. PLEASE STOP BEING SO IGNORANT AND FORM SOME INTELLIGENT THOUGHTS is the message I have for the idiot ( who posted that comment.

  15. jerome

    Dennis Quaid or Nic Cage. Both lied about what their wives did for a living in the past.

  16. b

    The article is all wrong regarding #1. While it is about Nicholas Cage & Alice Kim, he didn’t “book” a call-girl. Booking in Korean clubs is where the waiter for a group of guys at their table will bring over a group of girls and introduce each other. The girls are not hookers, they are patrons of the club, just like the guys. Booking just takes care of the initial introduction so both parties can get into conversation. Imagine a blind date.

  17. crl

    What do you mean “get a clue”? Most people agree with what was said about stupid Koreans. Why would anyone like you when you eat dogs for christ’s sake.

    If you don’t like how u are treated in this country than leave!!!!!!!!!!!! You are stupid money hungary and stinky. The only thing you are good for is making white people fried rice, so fck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    wow. i must say. some of you people who left messages are THE most ignorant FUCKS I have ever met. Your lucky this is the internet. Motherfuckers, if I met any of you racist sons of bitches, I’d have beaten the living shit out of you and laughed in your face for being such a loser. Don’t be jealous because us Koreans go to better colleges than you, make more money than you, and have better looking woman than your sorry asses. Bitches…>

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