Blake Lively Fills Out Her Shorts with Seafood

I wonder what Tim Gunn would say about Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively in this yellow vest, dress shorts and closed dress shoe combo.

Standing hunched while waiting to film Gossip Girl scenes in New York City on August 18th, I am not a fan of the entire look. However, when shot in action walking the streets of the city, it grows on me. Probably because Lively no longer looks waifly and starved, but rather fills out the shorts (if you know what I mean).

To prove my point that she’s endowed enough to fill out those shorts, the NY Daily News tracked her eating habits for 13 days and learned:

a) She ate at over a dozen restaurants during the 13 day binge

b) She’s a fan of seafood

If Lively’s eating habits interest you, the article details some of the finest cuisine in the city… and probably some of the highest bills, too. With those eating habits, I doubt Lively will be killed off anytime soon.

Besides, why would she want to give up any of those clothes?!