Blake Lively Shows Some Tummy While Shopping With Ryan Reynolds [PHOTOS]

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were spotted shopping for some items for dinner on Wednesday (June 12, 2012) in New York. The couple left the store separately to avoid being photographed together.

Blake looked to be wearing a turquoise camisole underneath a light see-through knit sweater and a pair of jeans. Both Blake and Ryan were wearing baseball caps, which Blake pulled down further once she noticed the paparazzi.

Ryan is apparently a real romantic. 

“He writes personalized sonnets to Blake via email and handwritten letters,” a source said. “When he travels and is away from her, he is constantly serenading her with poems and love letters.”

“He loves sending her excerpts of his favorite quotes. Blake thinks it’s so romantic.”

We think it’s pretty romantic as well.

Blake Lively talks guys.