Blake Lively Looks Gorgeous For Gucci, Must Be All Those At Home Facials

Blake And Ryan
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds arrive in Italy.
Let’s all just take a moment and appreciate how pretty Blake Lively is.

See guys, there’s a reason that she’s the face of L’Oreal. Because she’s worth it! The former Gossip Girl actress showed off her pretty self earlier today as she hawked some Gucci in Dubai. OK, so she probably didn’t need to hawk it very hard. I mean, it is Gucci.

So now that we’ve appreciated her face, would you like to know how she got it? 

Apparently Blake likes to give herself at home facials. Well, they actually don’t turn out that well. “I’ll give myself horrible at-home facials that end in lots of concealer.” So, bad facials and eating chocolate. If that’s the way to look like Blake Lively then sign me up.

Although I don’t trust myself enough to give myself facials. Even bad ones. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Blake looking gorgeous in Dubai. I hope she stayed at the 7-star hotel and skied at the mall.