Blake Lively Is Stunning At Gucci Fashion Show, Spotted Becoming BFFs With Anna Wintour

Blake And Ryan
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds arrive in Italy.
Alright Blake Lively, it’s official, you’ve won this week’s best dressed human award–and it’s only Wednesday.

The gorgeous actress was looking incredibly stunning today at the Gucci runway show during Milan Fashion Week. I mean, as the face of Gucci’s perfumes, it only makes sense that she be the best dressed person there. Even never impressed Anna Wintour was loving it.

Are you ready for the full description of what Blake was wearing? Because it was all Gucci and writing it all out is quite a doozy. 

Blake donned a Gucci Cruise 2014 nectarine leather halter dress with bamboo buckled belt detail that she paired with Gucci Cruise 2014 bronze metallic leather high heeled sandals, a Gucci Cruise 2014 metallic leather clutch and 18kt yellow gold & 18kt rose gold bamboo bracelets. Umm, Blake, can I get you some Gucci?

You know what, she looks beautiful and that is all that matters. Blake, I am very impressed. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of her fabulous look. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go fantasize about what it would be like to wear that much Gucci at one time.