Blake Lively Is Dripping In Gold For Gucci [VIDEO]

Blake's Red Carpet Looks
The sexiest red carpet looks from Blake Lively in 2011.
After recently being named the face of the new Gucci Premiere fragrance collection, Blake Lively can now be seen in a video, which was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn in the historic Sheats Goldstein Residence in Hollywood.

The clip opens with a dramatic shot of Blake standing by a giant window in a plush Los Angeles apartment wearing a stunning backless fishtail gown covered in shimmering gold sequins. With her long blonde hair styled in Veronica Lake-inspired waves, she then spritzes some of the new scent onto her neck, enters a lift and is bedazzled by the view of city’s bright lights. 

“In their designs, in their images, in what they stand for philanthropically, and especially in their fragrance… I couldn’t be more proud to be working with Gucci and its heart, Frida,” Lively said.

The 30-second video is actually a preview for a short film, which is to premiere on Saturday, September 1 in Venice, Italy.