Blake Lively Gets Carried Out Of Christian Louboutin Party [PHOTOS]

Muse and friend of Christian Louboutin, Blake Lively (he named a shoe after her) isn’t shy of wearing a high heel or two, so it must be super handy to have the shoe designer extraordinaire on speed dial.

She was guest of honor at a cocktail party at Barneys, New York, at last night’s party to celebrate his 20th year in the business. She wore a tiny Dolce&Gabbana floral lace dress along with a pair of multicolored snakeskin heels from Louboutin.

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The actress claims to own hundreds of pairs of his heels (once buying 40 pairs in a single spree). I’m guessing the reason why Christian carried Blake out of the party is that he wanted to keep her heels in good shape.

Mary Kate Olsen along with her sister Ashley Olsen (don’t they ever get tired of wearing black), China Chow and Tyrese Gibson were among the other celebrities in attendance.