Blake Lively Falls On The Set Of ‘The Age Of Adaline’, Reveals Gash On Her Palm

Gorgeous Vixen
Blake Lively shows some skin at a Michael Kors show.
In the movie The Age of Adaline, Blake Lively is playing an immortal woman.

For me, that raises the question can an immortal woman suffer injuries? I would imagine gashes either don’t bother her, or they heal rather quickly.

While on set, the actress proved she isn’t even close to immortal when she fell down a hill.

Somehow that sounds like a joke someone would tell. I mean, I didn’t realize Lively was doing her own stunts now. That’s something new. The production department can save money now that they don’t have to hire a stuntwoman.

After literally slipping and falling down the hill, the blonde reportedly screamed in pain – which isn’t surprising – and then inspected the damage.

Ever the professional, she regained her composure and then went right back to work. Perhaps her husband, Ryan Reynolds, can take care of his injured wife and everything will be perfect again.

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