Blake Griffin Shirtless & Ripped For Men’s Health [PHOTOS]

Blake Griffin, the NBA baller, brings his killer abs and dunk skills to the January/February 2012 cover of Men’s Health magazine.

The driven player thanks his father for his work ethic. “My dad pushed me harder than any other coach would have,” says Griffin, the cover boy for the new issue of Men’s Health. “He stressed that when you’re on the court, it’s time to do work. That really rubbed off on me.”

Here are some more highlights from the interview:

On energy: “Energy is something you can control. In everything you do, you’re going to face people more talented than you. I set myself apart by bringing more energy than they do.”

On dunking: “I constantly heard that all I do is dunk…And I can understand it. There aren’t SportsCenter clips of me shooting 15-footers.”

On his most proud game last season against the Pacers: “Most of my baskets came from midrange jumpers…I was the finesse player people said I couldn’t be. I’m excited to show how I’ve added to that part of my game.”

On interning for Funny or Die: “I wanted to see that side of comedy. After my workouts, I’d spend the day at the website offices. I’d like to get involved with TV in some capacity when I’m done playing. Next summer I may even write my own videos.”