‘Black Snake Moan’ Premieres at Sundance

Justin Timberlake and Christina Ricci hit the red carpet for the Sundance premiere of “Black Snake Moan.” Samuel Jackson also stars in the film (he just can’t seem to get away from those snakes). The threesome sat down for an “Unscripted” interview from Sundance, in which the stars interview one another.

Ricci talked about researching the role of an abused woman and mastering a Southern accent, admitting she’d never even been to the South before. Jackson, who plays an aging bluesman, opined which of the genre’s musicians should next be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And Timberlake, looking more and more comfortable in the acting (and movie-promoting) process, talked about shooting in his hometown of Memphis and who’d he play in a music biopic (he didn’t say Michael Jackson, much to my dismay).

The shoot’s funniest moment came when Timberlake hesitated before firing off a question from the teleprompter, looked off-camera and asked, “Can I really say all that?” Getting approval, he gestured toward Jackson: “Are there any mutha f***in’ snakes in ‘Black Snake Moan?'” Jackson repeated the question before retorting, “Only trouser snakes.” JT chuckled. “I’ve had a few, but this is my coolest internet moment,” he said.

Sundance Celeb Watch: The Stars of ‘Black Snake Moan’