‘Black Princess’ Calls Britney Ugly

Ah, racism.  Somehow when you put it to music, it’s just easier to swallow.

Musical artist, Bookman, penned “Black Princess,” a hip hop/reggae song, in which he sings the praises of black women, whom he prefers over white women, although he professed, “I might marry one to get my visa.”  Duly noted, my friend.

Calling Britney Spears ugly, well, that’s harsh but the girl is definitely looking rough these days.  And personally, I’ve always thought she had a bit of a horse neck and face.  But to think that her unattractiveness comes from the fact that she’s white, well, I think that’s way too simplistic a way to view what about her is repulsive, when there are a plethora of specifics for Bookman to choose from.

The song’s complete lyrics are after the jump, in all their misguided glory:

(Images courtesy of Britney Boards)

Man a Kunta Kinte, don’t call me Toby
You can’t accuse me of raping white girls like Kobe
India Arie, you are so sweet and lovely
I want you to kiss and hug me
Britney Spears you are ugly.

What would I do without my Black Princess
I would live celibate, I would die celibate
Cause all the girls I met
And all the girls I sex
There was none like my African Princess (twice)

To chase white women that’s not me bra
I might marry one to get my visa
But I wont turn white woman breeder
Cause I don’t want my child to be no zebra
That’s why I wont catch no Jungle fever
And I don’t want no girl that looks like Reba
She must be cute like the Queen of Sheba
She must be fit to be an African leader
And in Jah she must be a believer
In Jah she must be a beliver


I was chillin at my job where I met a blonde bimbo
She whispered in my ears that she wants Mandingo
Because I turn her on with my Jamaican lingo
Plus am flexible enough for the Jamaican limbo
She heard it through the grapevine
I give girls a great time
Because I have a great whine
Sweeter than the grape wine
She say meet her at break time
She know that will be long enough
Because she heard am long enough
And she could see am strong enough
Black and African enough
I practice how to slam enough
Her boyfriend only nyam enough
Good thing I was man enough
To know I couldn’t bang the slut
A nuff Black woman mi want….


I could never take vanilla and leave chocolate alone
Oh no, am not Karl Malone
I don’t go crazy for some bitch name Barbie
I leave that for OJ and Charles Barley
Am from the place of water and wood
100% real African wood
Am not diluted like Tiger Woods
I need a real Black woman to make me feel good
So keep Kournikova and keep Martina
Just give me Venus and the sweet Serena
Serena, Serena, I love the batty rider wha you eena

He and Mel Gibson should do a some sort of collabo.  Only Mel would have to be drunk and driving for it to really be interesting.

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