Black Holes for Your Cash

Because yesterday was a slow news day in the fashion world and I am fond of the odd gadget, I bring you some cool shit that you can only find at flea markets and online. Let’s face it if you took all the gossip, junk, and porn websites down there would only be one site left that would be called “Bring Back Gossip, Junk, and Oh, and MySpace.

A wallet kit provides you with endless duct tape fun . With several styles to choose from like “Avocado Jesus” and “Orange Skull” every taste (except perhaps classy) is catered to. The kit comes with detailed instructions on how to create your wallet using just duct tape. DB Clay brings you this lifetime wallet for just $25.

For a more couture and upscale useless gadget perhaps Juicy Couture can bring you something of more use. Your iPod no longer needs to go naked. A little black velour case will bring you the little black dress feel. For about as much as you paid for your iPod you and your gobs of cash will have an outlet.

Maybe you want to get your shit together and need something a little more invigorating to plan your life with. Have no fear, Filofax is here. The organizer is covered in a print from a vintage Hawaiian fabric. Perhaps Britney could pencil in another rehab short lived rehab stint in for next week.

For all the bloggers out there that are either homeless but rock a laptop, or are cold-blooded with poor circulation here is a glove that warms your fingers and is a USB device. It can plug into anything with a port such as a PC, Mac, or Xbox 360.

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