Black Eyed Peas Guy Shocked By MJ’s Request

December 22nd, 2006 // 2 Comments

Will.2.0 or whatever was shocked and dismayed overjoyed when Ole Creepy Plastic Face asked him to guest-produce his latest bid for normalcy album.

Rapper WILL.I.AM has spoken out about his shock at being asked to collaborate on MICHAEL JACKSON’s first album in six years. THE BLACK EYED PEAS star was convinced someone was playing a joke on him when he received a call from Jackson asking him to collaborate on his new album. But he was soon satisfied he really was speaking to the THRILLER singer and they quickly began sharing daily conversations and discussing new material. He says, “Michael called up and I thought someone was joking. I hear, ‘Hello, it’s Michael,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah right, stop playing!’ “Then he said, ‘I want to congratulate you on all your success. Do you mind if I call you in a couple of days at 4pm?’ “Then he started ringing me every day at 4pm. So I started working on music for him on the tour bus.”

Nothing is more natural than sharing a bed recording studio with a young boy Will. I. Am. Pass the Jesus Juice. Hopefully they can get Fergie to bounce around in the video so the plastic surgery is spread around a little more evenly and I don’t have to shudder and change the channel as quickly.

Will.I.Am on producting Michael Jackson’s Album [Contact Music]

By J. Harvey

  1. courtney

    while i enjoy SL very much….

    and i love that everything is updated all the time, your sense of humor, etc…
    the whole crossing out things to show the underlying idea is unfortunately a mark of Perez Hilton….kind of makes you look like a copycat, eh?
    just letting you know, but i do love your blog. merry christmas….-C

  2. Courtney, I think you’ll find that the overstrike has been used way before “Inappropriate Outing” slag Hilton started using it.

    I would suggest you take a look at some of the more popular political blogs for much more nuanced used of the effect.

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