Black Eyed Peas Give Guard More Than A Black Eye

June 29th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Take a look at the bloodied security guard in the photo above. This was a result of the people who brought us “Where is the Love?” The Black Eyed Peas (minus Fergie) took offense to a security guards’ intrusive flashlight at a German club, and all hell broke loose. Take a look of the flying bottle in the above photo as well. Where is the love in that?

(Image Source: Splash News Online)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. D

    wow, this is insane.

  2. BLack Eyed Peas Suck!


  3. andrew

    the black eyed peas came to syracuse and drank at a college bar when they were playing at turning stone casino…this is a bar that has had many more much famous acts, actors, actresses, comedians, etc. and is known for its cheap drinks and walls tagged by college and local graffiti..while they were there, when only 2 of the members were present, they had about 8 bodyguards, argued for free drinks all night and cut the line to the bathroom/started fights just so they coudl kick people out and cut the line so they coudd piss before everyonelse….besides the local groupies who wanted some part of fame because syracuse has nothign, no one gave a shit and the b.e.p. were pissed that cast aside when no in school actually gave a shit that they were there

  4. delicious_dysfunktion

    Hey, “Where is the Love”?Cheesy,I know.BEP sucks rank horse-ass.

  5. Tom Jones

    I was at Chucks in Syracuse – the two BEP guys are gay

  6. Foxylicious

    What do you expect from a bunch of sell-outs that got an incontinent meth-addicted stripper?

  7. ana

    black eyed peas rox madda fuckers
    shut out your suckers asses


    ps: there are any GAY on bep
    go to the hell asshole

  8. 123

    bep are fags

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