Bjork Unleashes Massive Attack

Photos: WENN

Reminiscent of her attack on a female reporter over ten years ago at the airport in Bangkok (see video after the jump), the Icelandic pop star has unleashed her fury on another reporter. This time, it was a photographer in New Zealand, who didn’t heed Bjork’s request that he not take any pictures. When the photog continued to shoot pictures, Bjork attacked the man, ripping his shirt in half at the Auckland International Airport.

The photographer described the encounter: “I took a couple of pictures and I got about three or four frames of her … and as I turned and walked away she came up behind me, grabbed the back of my black skivvy (sweatshirt) and tore it down the back.” Reportedly, Bjork was accompanied by a male companion, who begged her to stop and was also the one to request that no pictures be taken. Maybe she’s skittish about flying or something and freaks out if being photographed en route to somewhere. People need to give her space, cause Bjork doesn’t play. Just ask her eyeliner.

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