Bitten: Parker Peek-A-Boo

March 21st, 2007 // 10 Comments

Sarah Jessica Parker’s line “Bitten” has sent tails wagging. Here is a peek at the line that will find its home at Steve & Barry’s. Thanks Fashionista! But at the low prices will the line thrive or find it’s way to the bargain bin? I love that she trying to create obtainable lux and appealing to the everyday woman. But I fear that quality will be sacrificed for affordability. The peek thus far appears to be Gap/Old Navy-esque. What do you think?

By Cara Harrington

  1. April

    Very old navy/gap. Not that my cheap ass is complaining…

  2. lo lo

    cheap looking, j crew knock offs. totally unoriginal

  3. Evil Charity

    Word to lo lo….I was expecting something more stylish and edgey. This stuff looks very plain and unoriginal. Pretty dissapointing.

  4. Perez's Fired Stylist

    UGH! It’s awful. I actually like Old Navy/GAP/ J Crew better. I would expect something much more interesting from SJP.

  5. Aly

    She actually lent her name to this mass produced crap? We all know she wouldn’t wear any of it. I hate to diss SJP, but it’s reminiscent of the Jessica Simpson line ordeal. Eww.

  6. It’s hard to tell. It does look kinda cheap, but hey, that’s not necessarily bad.
    God, EVERYONE is talking about her line. it’s crazy.

  7. Cypress

    Adorable and you can use your clothing allowance savings to now own tons of clothes.. Variety in complimentary hues and plain designs very important for lots of mix and match sets too.

  8. me

    ^^^^^ hi sarah

  9. M

    this looks boring. i was expecting carrie bradshaw stuff.

  10. Carly

    Ugh, yawn. I’m all for affordibility but not boredom. I am the hugest SATC fan ever- I am so very dissappointed in SJP. Although the jumper thing is borderline cute.

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