Birthday Wishes For Octomom’s Baby Mill

January 26th, 2010 // 5 Comments

Happy Birthday and my condolences to the eight rugrats Nadya Suleman spawned.  E! reports that the tater tots are healthy (the jury’s still out on “stable” and “happy”) and in full celebration mode. 

While the kids ate chocolate cake for their January 26th bday, Suleman worked on her fitness for a Star Magazine photo shoot (on stands now.  Seductive bikini poses. Vomit.)

To celebrate her success as a parent, Octomon decided to get hair extensions and melt her own face.  You look terrific kid.  You’re dressed like a sixth grade and your lips take up half your head.  All while picking up gifts for the cherubs at Toys R’ Us on January 15th.  How are you paying for those toys?  You don’t have a job.  You’re using that million dollar smile, aren’t you?  Here.  Take my money.  You deserve it.

Just wanted to remind everyone that there are six other kids in the Suleman crew.  I have to sit with that for awhile, even if I’ve had a year to digest it. 

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Dancing With Baphomet

    She’s going to die having plastic surgery trying to hard to look like the airbrushed and Photoshopped images she sees in magazines.

    Though she seems to be doing it all for the money and some fame.

    She can’t convince me that she looks good or healthy, but she’s convinced me that she can make fast money by selling images of babies and having plastic surgery.

    She’s a walking experiment.

  2. Mia

    Plain and simple…this silly cow is ‘Bat Shit Crazy’ !!!!!

  3. Sara

    How does she afford those Abercombie clothes? That shit is expensive! Just being pregnant with my first baby has made me broke (buying baby junk and eating a ton of food) and I can’t afford that and I actually have a job!

  4. Scooter

    Check out the sign on the gate behind her: “Please no food or perishable items in the donation box. Thanks for understanding.”

    She spends the money she’s raked in by publicly humiliating her children on plastic surgery and a trashy wardrobe for herself and then has a “donation box” outside her door?! She ain’t short on nerve, is she?

  5. Octo'd out

    To the tups:
    Happy Birthday. I am so sorry you have had to spend a whole year with that loon. With any luck, by next year the state will have grown some balls and placed you all in proper homes. Until then, keep your heads low and don’t forget to smile for the cameras… mommy’s paycheck depends on it.

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