Bindi Irwin Thinks My “Television” Career Is A Joke

January 22nd, 2007 // 6 Comments

Well, I’m sure the child has absolutely no idea who I am. But if she did, the title would probably be completely true. And she’d be justified. From Page Six of the New York Post:

BINDI Irwin, the 8-year-old daughter of Steve Irwin, could become an even bigger wildlife star than her late dad, says Philippe Cousteau, who tried in vain to revive the Crocodile Hunter when he was fatally speared through the heart by a stingray. “It’s possible she may,” the “Animal Planet” correspondent and grandson of Jacques Cousteau told Page Six.

Call me old-fashioned, but I just feel like children and crocodiles really shouldn’t mix.

STEVE’S LEGACY [Page Six | New York Post]


By Lisa Timmons

  1. brian

    I know I’m going straight to Hell……but I’m so sick of seeing that fugly kid everywhere.

  2. i know i think it looks like her mother slept with one of the animals i dont feel bad cause she looks like a little pretentious bitch

  3. GreenEyedAngell

    Are you people f*cking kidding me! Her father tried to bring love of animals and conservation to a generation of childen that idolize the spoiled twits on my super sweet 16!! If she can carry the message of her father on and honor his memory then all the luck in the world to her. She’s 8 & her father was killed suddenly, you are really heartless pieces of sh*t. I’d like to see you try to pull it together 4 days after losing a parent.

    Who cares what she looks like, she’s 8, and let me tell you, this world would be so much better if people just cared a bit more for it and its creatures.

  4. Tonysgirl

    I, agree with GreenEyedAngel.

    And what did you look like when you were 8?

    I think she is gonna be very big and gonna do a great job at honoring her fathers legacy to protect and care for the animals.

    Go Bindi!!! Dont stop because there are cruel people in the world with small minds who can not see outside of the box.

  5. brian

    #1 I was adorable when I was 8
    #2 I grew up spending my summers working in an aquarium/zoo and I learned to RESPECT animals NOT torment them.As much as I would have loved to play with the cute and cuddly animals,I was tought that they were just as wild as the not so cute ones.I fail to see how jumping on a croc or dragging a 30 ft. snake around is supposed to protect or care for animals.I just hope she learns to respect animals far more than her father did.

  6. salome

    Wow. You first couple of posters are heartless. What if she were to see this? Or her mother? Or anyone that loves her? I think she’s adorable. If you have kids or nieces and are saying this kind of thing, you are reprehensible.

    I do agree that Steve Irwin’s techniques were questionable, but all accounts prove that his intentions were honorable.

    Why are we all so jaded? Why are you first posters so cruel? What possible purpose is served by trashing a lovely little girl online?

    You should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves.

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