Billy Bob Thorton’s Kid Involved In Child Abuse Scandal

April 30th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Photos: WENN

This is some Mary Kay Letourneau-type gross! Actor/screenwriter/director Billy Bob Thorton‘s son Willie is 14 and allegedly in a sexual relationship with a 22-year-old woman. Female molesters are insidious. They depend on that age-old double standard of “well, what a stud, he was getting laid at 14 with a way older woman.” Now flip the genders and see if you feel the same way. I watch SVU, B.D. Wong’s character has taught me many, many things.

Apparently Willie and Letourneau 2008 were “dating” and her ex-boyfriend found out and dropped a dime on her. The LAPD is currently investigating accusations of “unlawful sex.” Willie is reportedly cooperating with police, and Billy Bob has been interviewed.

For real, how sad is your ass if you are 22 and dating a 14 year old? Is the guy pool really that drained?

By J. Harvey

  1. Bunny2

    Thats gross. ANd I agree it does not matter the gender rape is rape. I mean how much of an ass are you that you are “romancing” a child and it does not matter how much kids think that they are adults because they do “adult” things they are still children. It annoys me when people think its okay for a grown ass woman to have sex with a young boy but not a man with a young girl! First, I think that we can all agree that girls usually mature faster than boys so if anything boys are more likely to be easily manipulated.
    And don’t think for one minute that this does not jack up a kid. Men are already conditioned to not work shit out mentally and this slag has basically guaranteed that this kid is going to have pretty jacked up view of sex and women. It is a well known fact that young men who are sexually abused have a higher likelyhood of being abusers themselves. So thanks dumb whore. Thanks a bunch!

  2. aec

    Out of respect for this 14 year old I think you should remove this post.

  3. brendan

    Seriously remove this. I know willie personally and hes a good guy, and half of your information is incorrect so please remove this.

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