Billy Bob Thorton On Angelina Jolie

June 21st, 2005 // 13 Comments

Not litteraly, in the past yes, but just figuratively now. Without naming names, but with heavy innuendo, Billy Bob states that “Sex doesn’t have to be with a model to be good Sometimes with the model, the actress or the ‘sexiest person in the world’, it may literally be like fucking a couch.” Mmm. I’m sure what that quite means.

Billy Bob Thornton, former husband of Angelina Jolie has revealed some bedroom secrets about  his sex life with her, hinting that she was a big disappointment in bed.

The director-turned-actor, who had three years of marriage with the sexy actress before splitting in 2002, has claimed that love-making with “sexiest person in the world” need not necessarily be satisfying  and fun. He further added that average-looking women are “better in bed” as physical beauty is no guarantee of a wild time between the sheets.

“Don’t count out the average-looking woman, or even maybe the slightly unattractive woman, or the really unattractive woman. There may be this swarthy, little, five-foot-two stocky woman who just has sex written all over her,” he added.

Alrighty then. Billy Bob has spoken. So what about those animalistic sex rumors?

Jolie’s ex-hubby reveals sex secrets [HTTabloid]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Maybe the problem is that Billy Bob was just to damn ugly to get her off.

  2. Flavia

    Correction: when the sexiest person in the world is trying to fuck BB Thornton, chances are she is going to turn into a couch.

  3. Marina

    Well…it didn’t exactly refer it to Angelina, and also weren’t they like the ‘sexual obsessed’ couple? I remember they said they did it in the limo on the way to some big social event….so he could be saying it out of jealousy.

  4. it could also be BS to get some press attention]

    whatever… I just want to know the truth about here and Brad!!!!

  5. Brian

    UMMMMMMMMM……Has he ever looked in a mirror?
    Although that dead animal he has glued to his head these days looks soooooooooooooooo realistic.

  6. he’s a low talent jerk and now a scumbucket for dissing someone he ‘loved’ enough to marry. he’s been married how many times? maybe HE’s the problem in bed?

  7. Tracy

    What’s so ugly about being 5’2″ asshole

  8. Brandon

    HA HA HA! I agree just b/c a person is sexy doesn’t make them a great lay.

  9. A Little Too Much Information

    It’s good to see that Billy Bob is all-inclusive when it comes to screwing groupies. Way to go Billy Bob!

  10. kristina

    honestly, i think billy bob is just jealous!
    everyone has heard of angelinas reputation for being a little wild, so you know she doesnt just lay there in bed.

    ” youre young, youre drunk, youre in bed, you have knives, shit happens” — angelina jolie

  11. polly

    people people……….why does everyone need to be jealous of ANGELINA JOLIE???????? first its jen, then its billy, next thing you know she will be jealous of her self. shes not all that. she makes out with her butt ugly brother, steals 2 husbands from their wifes. she fu** anything walking.

  12. Why Jump Him

    Everyone is jumping Billy Bob for “slamming” Jolie, but at least he has the courtesy to leave her name out of his quotes. Unlike Angelina who has slammed Billy Bob several times after their seperation. Billy Bob has more class than you give him credit for. And if Billy Bob is such a heathen than what does that say about Angelina who not only dated him but got married to him? Let’s look at all the facts instead of being blinded by someone’s beauty.

  13. Tami

    I think Billy Bob is HOT, HOT, HOT, I would be with him in a second!

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