Billy Bush Talks About Russell Armstrong’s Death And Reality TV [VIDEO]

Following  Russell Armstrong’s passing Monday night, Access Hollywood host Billy Bush took a moment to reflect on the devastating new.

Bush acknowledged that while no one knows exactly Armstrong hung himself, it’s clear that putting his marital woes in the spotlight didn’t help matters.  “It is safe to say that the glare of a new season of Housewives focusing on his divorce, alleged abuse, and financial problems did not help,” Bush said.  “There’s no coincidence that the highest rated reality shows are the ones with the most outrageous behavior.”

“Who acts like this?” a concerned Bush asked viewers. “The answer is really nobody, unless there’s a camera in their face.”

Bush wasn’t pointing fingers at anyone in particular;  In fact, we’re all responsible for the demise of quality programming.  The moment it starts to affects lives this severely is the point at which we need to take a step back.  Bush closed out the video by explaining, “The ratings have been great, that is why we cover the show.   I think everybody needs to take the temperature here a little bit.  Us included.”

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