Bill O’Reilly Hates Celebrities

First Bill O’Reilly attacked Jennifer Aniston, calling her comments about single-parenting “destructive to our society.” Now Bill is firing up a double-feud with two celebs: Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian
Kim and Biebs (I’m hoping that nickname will stick) will be featured in a spread in Elle magazine. The theme of the photoshoot was “The Graduate”, so the photos were bound to be seductive and slightly provocative. O’Reilly thinks they are straight up inappropriate. 
“I wanted to be a baseball player [when I was 16]. I didn’t want to hang around with Kim Kardashian…I had a baseball bat and a bat and [a pair of] ice skates! That’s what I was doing,” said O’Reilly on his show. I don’t know about you guys, but it sounds like Bill’s balls dropped a little bit late–I don’t know a single sixteen year old boy who would object to “hanging around” with Kim Kardashian. 
Republican strategist Margaret Hoover, who was on O’Reilly’s show at the time, said, “I think it’s gross. It’s a 16-year-old having an affair with a celebutante!”
For some reason, I don’t think these two understand the concept of FICTION. It’s not like Kim and Biebs are makin’ out! Take a chill pill! 
Kim Kardashian is pictured looking sexy as ever, while she promotes her fragrance in Camarillo, California.