Bill Murray’s Wife Files Divorce, Claims Abuse

Photos: Getty Images

Jennifer Butler Murray, Bill Murray’s wife, has decided to end their almost 11 year marriage, citing claims of physical abuse, adultery, and drug addiction on the part of her husband. Jennifer has filed for divorce on May 12 in Charleston, SC, where the couple owns a home.

In the documents, the former costume designer said that as a result of Bill’s adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, abusive behavior, physical abuse, sexual addictions and frequent abandonment,” she and her four sons with Bill moved out their shared home in 2006. More than once, she alleges, was she “hit in the face.”

Additionally, Bill’s soon-to-be ex-wife has requested a restraining order against her husband and is making sure the couple’s $7 million pre-nuptial agreement is solid. If it is, then she can expect a handsome pay-out.

But they look so happy in this photo.