Bill Murray’s Wife Files Divorce, Claims Abuse

May 29th, 2008 // 17 Comments

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Jennifer Butler Murray, Bill Murray’s wife, has decided to end their almost 11 year marriage, citing claims of physical abuse, adultery, and drug addiction on the part of her husband. Jennifer has filed for divorce on May 12 in Charleston, SC, where the couple owns a home.

In the documents, the former costume designer said that as a result of Bill’s adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, abusive behavior, physical abuse, sexual addictions and frequent abandonment,” she and her four sons with Bill moved out their shared home in 2006. More than once, she alleges, was she “hit in the face.”

Additionally, Bill’s soon-to-be ex-wife has requested a restraining order against her husband and is making sure the couple’s $7 million pre-nuptial agreement is solid. If it is, then she can expect a handsome pay-out.

But they look so happy in this photo.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. sam

    she is taking a page from heather mills book and lying out her ass

  2. tony the tiger

    Sam (who left preceding comment) is a pig for assuming she is lying. As an attorney who does pro bono work for abused woman I can attest to the fact that most woman making these claims in divorce filings are NOT lying because they are making claims under penalty of perjury and their attorneys know that they will only be hurting their divorce claims if they have nothing to back it up. I for one have always suspected Bill Murray was off kilter because of his mannerisms. I don’t like to speculate but as someone who has alcoholics and drug addicts in their lives Bill displays all the usual symptoms even in public!

  3. Zekers

    Really? I’ve heard several rumors over the years that Bill is a bit of a Pre-Madonna and is prone to extreme moodiness and outbursts. So…doesn’t sound all that far-fetched to me.

    “But they look so happy in this photo” Made me laugh, Lisa!

  4. Zekers

    My comment was for Sam too…I completely agree with your insights Tony the T.

  5. T-Bone

    I don’t think so, Sam. If so, she would have requested a divorce long ago, after the first couple of children and when he was at the top of his game. She stayed, I’m assuming, for the same reason most women stay with abusive, drug addicted men — for the sake of the children, because she probably thought things would get better, because she loved him, and because she didn’t think she could live without him. If this is true, KUDOS to her for getting out now.

  6. 2 Old 4 This

    Is a Pre-Madonna anyone who was born before Madge?

  7. peachpie

    opinions are like a$$holes…..
    *removes soapbox from the area*

    i think it’s prima donna, Zekers — but i agree with you on the “But they look so happy in this photo”! lol

    and only b/c i think you’re intelligent enough to want to know: prima donna –
    1.a first or principal female singer of an opera company.
    2.a temperamental person; a person who takes adulation and privileged treatment as a right and reacts with petulance to criticism or inconvenience. (insert BMurr photo here?)

  8. mutterhals

    Is it bad that this makes me love him even more? Also, don’t they kind of look alike in the above picture?

  9. Zekers

    Yeah Peachpie, I knew it was wrong when I typed it, I just didn’t have time to check myself…

    Thanks for the “lesson.” :D

    2 Old 4 This: Yes! *giggles*

  10. surprised

    Hey, my hubby is from Chicago area and he always said that Bill Murray was a bachelor’s bachelor! Never even knew he was married and a big fan…hmmm…that ought to tell you something!

  11. sam

    geesh everybody needs to get off my back. Maybe she’s not lying? Maybe he did hit her? All we know for a fact is that he’s a superstar and I’m sure he wakes up every morning wishing he could bang Clooney-level chicks but he’s stuck with this old hag so cut him some slack.

  12. anonymous

    are you kidding me , they don’t look happy the pic. at all. they both look so mad.

  13. shawn

    Seriously, who gives a shit? Bill Murray is the man, always has been and always will be! He could have made his wife dress up like a gofer and sodomized her with a garden hose and I honestly wouldn’t have cared any less. Give her 7 mil and kick her fugly ass to the curb!!!

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