Bikini Wearing Milla Jovovich Tells The Paparazzi Off, Enjoys Vacation [PHOTOS]

Only Milla Jovovich has the ability to look gorgeous and have an amazing smile while simeltanelously flicking the paparazzi off and telling them to suck it. Well done, Madame. Milla is currently on vacation in Mexico with husband Paul Anderson celebrating their anniversary.

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Milla looks fantastic on vacation wearing a white bikini and colorful robe (well, kind of a robe, it’s sheer and goes over the bikini) along with a pair of kick ass high heels. Husband Paul is less dressed wearing only a pair of black swim trunks. Actually, they look more like a pair of boxer-briefs, but whatever makes him happy.

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Lucky more Milla there was no nipple slip going on this time. Although it would have been quite amusing. Recently Milla has been super buys making all the runway show rounds, most importantly hitting up the Chanel show in Paris. She looked fantastic, as per usual.

What do you guys think of this vacation Milla? I think she totally has a right to flick off the paps, but if they didn’t photograph her then how we have seen how fantastic she looks? What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think by tweeting us at @socialitelife or posting to our Facebook page.