Bikini-Glad Coco Brings Boobs To Vegas, Hosts Pool Party With Ice-T [PHOTOS]

Ice & Coco Get Hitched
The reality couple renewed their vows in Hollywood.
Damn Coco! Honestly, it’s like her boobs and butt get bigger every time you see her.

Coco and husband Ice-T–who opted for a t-shirt and pants instead of a swimsuit–spent their weekend in Vegas hosting the Venus Pool Club at Caesars Palace.

Ice-T played second fiddle to wife Coco, who really got a kick out of the camera taking pictures of her in whatever pose she wanted. Coco must be so excited it’s swimsuit season again. Although, even in winter she made sure the girls got their fair share of the limelight. She just cares so much. 

Coco and Ice-T are probably one of hip hops most entertaining couples. Honestly, any couple that hits the Kentucky Derby together is fabulous in my book.

Check out all the photos of Coco’s poses by the pool in the gallery. Oh! And make sure you watch the trailer below for a look at Ice-T’s new film about the history and evolution of hip hop.

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