Bikini-Clad Kelly Ripa Reveals Super-Toned Body

May 3rd, 2009 // 15 Comments

Holy crap! Co-hosting a talk show must burn calories like a mother because Kelly Ripa is trim as hell. The mother-of-three tossed her sheer cover-up to reveal a teensy red bikini when she took a dip in the pool.

The perky blond is currently in Miami with her husband Marc Consuelos and the couple’s children Michael, Lola and Joaquin Consuelos while Kelly films a taping of Live with Regis & Kelly.

But it’s not all work and no play for Ripa, who managed to spend some quality time with the fam at an exclusive hotel in town. The whole gang splashed around poolside, sipping on drinks and chatting with friends.

Wanna know how our girl stays so fit? Lots and lots of pelvic thrusts with Anderson Cooper.

Gallery Info: Kelly Ripa and husband Marc Consuelos vacation in Miami with their three children Michael, Lola and Joaquin Consuelos.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Zekers

    She must work out 6 hours a day…she looks great.

  2. calichick

    She is amazing…mom of 3, works more hours in a day than most moms & still manages to be a full-on bad ass! Go Kelly Ripped-A..

  3. Sassy

    She does look great but her arms look too big for her bod now. She shouldn’t lift so many weights for her arms, they don’t need it.

  4. kt

    she had nice abs but her hands looks like sausage links

  5. Krak

    She looks good–not too muscley at all. She’s superripped, but that’s more about having low bodyfat than having big muscles.

  6. Juniper

    I see some serious camel toe.

  7. Bossy

    She really missed out on the breast department, huh?

  8. linda

    I recall when Kelly said that she was thin because she had to run after her kids every day.
    Sure Right! Why do they lie? Why don’t they just admit to starving and being gym fanatics.
    BTW..she is WAY too thin!

  9. tizzle

    Ew! She looked like a woman, til she took the tunic off. Gross.

  10. ali

    who cares about her?? the question is where is Mark Consuelos???

  11. Ariane

    Actually she does not work out 6 hours a day.
    What she does though is a one-hour work out at Physique 57 in New York, based on the Lotte Berg method. She has talked about it extensively on her show and in Shape magazine.
    I have tried the work out at Physique and it is amazing and a lot of fun!

  12. Zekers

    Thanks Ariane, I’ll check that out…

  13. KC

    Does anyone know what kind of sunglasses she is wearing? I love them…

  14. carolina

    are you guys serious???? she looks like a skeleton with muscles. OMG GROSS. I’m sure she’ll be sending lots of young women to therapy

  15. jarod1005

    Who has the (nasty) dirt on Kelly?

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