Bikini-Clad Victoria Silvstedt Struggles With Her Bottoms, Loves Her Sugar Daddy [PHOTOS]

Victoria Silvdstedt Strips Down
Victoria Silvstedt spends half her life in a bikini
It’s a Sunday in summer. Guess what that means! Victoria Silvstedt in a bikini!

At this point it’s just a running gag how often this woman is in a bikini. At least she looks good in one. Kinda. The former Playboy model was clearly having a good time with her boyfriend–read: sugar daddy–Maurice Dabbah in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy.

Victoria seemed to have a little bit of trouble with her bikini bottoms. Hello Victoria’s ass. Luckily it wasn’t on display the whole outing like it was last time. Also, that is actually her boyfriend?

Look at that man! At least he must buy her lots and lots of gifts. I’m assuming most of them are bikinis because she would never dare be spotted in the same one twice.

Check out all the photos of Victoria and her bikini in the gallery. Alright now comes the important question: would you date Victoria’s boyfriend for a Chanel purse? Sound off in the comments!