Bikini-Clad Tyra Banks Enjoys 4th Of July In Mexico With Boyfriend John Utendahl [PHOTOS]

Tyra Banks gave the Fourth of July a fine “How Do You Do” from Mexico while she relaxed with longtime boyfriend John Utendhal.  Some have mocked the former model’s fuller figure, but I think she looks fantastic.  Real bodies rule, stick figures drool.  Just kidding.  Everyone is beautiful so long as they like themselves.

PHOTOS: What’s That Atop Your Head, Tyra Banks?

Earlier this year, Banks was granted a temporary restraining order from her stalker, Marten Williams Jr. Williams sounds like a huge nutter, claiming that he killed George Bush Jr. and that Michael Jackson is alive and living in Long Beach, according to the Daily Mail.  Williams also reportedly left “‘ominous frightening letters and items’ at her home, including his prescription medication, L.A. County jail wristbands and a note referencing a wedding ceremony set for 1/08/11 – the day he believes he and Tyra are set to marry.”

Williams, who is 6’2″ and 220 lbs, was placed on a psychiatric hold, but Banks believes he has since been released.