Bikini-Clad Sofia Coppola Celebrates Wedding At Beach, Marries French Rocker Thomas Mars

There are few people I’m jealous of in this world, but one of them has to be Sofia Coppola. Her father, Francis Ford Coppola, is one of the most amazing filmmakers ever, her entire family is talented, she got to be married to Spike Jonze, she’s a pretty good filmmaker herself–people really liked Somewhere– and now she’s married to super hot and talented Phoenix frontman, and father of their two children Romy, 4, and Cosima, 15 months, Thomas Mars. Ugh.

Sofia and Thomas tied the knot this weekend in an intimiate ceremony in Italy. According to CBS, the couple were marrid at the Coppola family villa in the southern Italian town of Bernalda. They were married by the town’s mayor in front of about 80 people. According to the mayor, “Everything went well. It was simple, calm, in the garden.”

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Sofia and family spent the day before the wedding enjoying the beach. Sofia’s body looks fantastic! I mean seriously. She’s forty, but you could never tell. So impressed and happy she didn’t take after her father in the body area. For the wedding Sofia donned a flowy lavender dress, while Thomas opted for a  grey suit.

The reception was just as intimate as the ceremony with a few high-profile celebs like George Lucas and Johnny Depp. Ahh, what I wouldn’t give to have been invited. Make sure to check out the pictures in the gallery for all the wedding and beach fun. Congrats kids!