Bikini-Clad Shauna Sand Goes Leopard [PHOTOS]

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Celebrities And Their Bikini Bods
Looks like Shauna Sand decided to bring the girls out today! The Playboy Playmate and occasional “actress” was spotted enjoying the beach in a leopard bikini and what some would affectionately describe as “stripper heels.” No, I’m serious, that’s apparently what those type of heels are called. 

Shauna is one who really likes to be seen her bikini. I mean, she even likes to ride mopeds in her bikini and stripper heels. Sure some could see that as excessive, but for Shauna it’s a way of life! I mean, I’m guessing all of this, but it seems super accurate. 

Also, looking at these photos of Shauna on the beach has lead me to one question: is there such a thing as a tasteful leopard bikini? I’m asking this in all seriousness. If you know of one, please, point me towards it. Until then, check out the photos in the gallery and tell us what you think of Shauna’s beach look.