Bikini Clad Rihanna Enjoys Time With Girlfriends In St. Tropez

Rihanna is really making the most of her time off. The hit singer was spotted on a private yacht in St. Tropez enjoying herself with a group of friends. According to MailOnline Rihanna has charted the private yacht which has “accommodation for up to 12 people, two dressing rooms, massage and beauty salons, five decks for sunbathing and dining.” Umm, hey Rihanna. Wanna be best friends?

Yesterday Rihanna was spotted on the same yacht wearing a super adorable swimsuit. Well, more or less a swimsuit. Right before her trip Rihanna performed at V Festival and looked ridiculously gorgeous. I mean, she always looks pretty gorgeous. With any hairstlye, wearing anything–even on a boat with crazy hair and totally without make-up. It’s just not fair.

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Rihanna’s friend and collaborator Nicki Minaj announced that the video for their song “Fly” would be premiering prior to the start of the 2011 VMA Awards on MTV. Make sure to tune in on August 28th to check that out. Poor Rihanna will probably have to leave the boat for that show.

Rihanna is also getting ready for the start of her European tour which goes from September to December. Damn, no wonder she’s getting all her fun on now. Check out the pics in the gallery for more Rihanna having fun.