Bikini-Clad Rachel Bilson Gets Smiley In Barbados With Shirtless Hayden Christensen [PHOTOS]

Hayden Christensen
Brosef grabs a smoke
Looks like Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are officially ready for summer!

The couple was spotted in Barbados today, where they are currently enjoying a fun-filled vacation full of laughs, smiles and skin. Rachel in particular looked to be having a good time as she hopped around in the water with friends. Also, her friend has a monkey on her head. How did she get a monkey on her head?

Hayden was a little less all over the place, but still very smiley. Now, is that actually a creepy mustache he has or is it just the shadow from the sun? Cause I can’t tell. So what’s new with the star couple? 

Well, apparently Rachel is looking into the whole “having kids” thing. That makes sense. She’s in a good place with her professional life and from the looks of it, her personal life. Why not bring on a few babies? Too bad those kids will have to live with the fact that their dad was horrible in Star Wars.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the couple. Rachel has got one amazing body! Hayden, we don’t know how you snagged her, but well done.