Bikini-Clad Diane Kruger & Shirtless Joshua Jackson Show Off Their Hot Bods In Cabo [PHOTOS]

Josh and Diane
The two lovebirds share a passionate kiss.
Can we just discuss what a perfect couple Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson are?

Just look at them lounging away in Mexico, showing off their perfect bodies and being so happy together. If I didn’t like them so much, it would be sure to make me sick. Luckily, both Josh and Diane are awesome, so the perfectness is totally fine. Wait, wasn’t Diane just in France? Must be travel magic.

The uber sexy couple were spotted in Mexico this weekend enjoying their post-Thanksgiving holiday in the sun. Diane showed off her perfect body in a gray, strapless bikini, while Joshua showed off his equally fabulous abs. Fun fact: did you know these two have been dating for over 6 years?

It’s totally true, I’m not making it up. 6 years! Alright Diane and Joshua, this is when I become like your old grandmother and say things like, “When are you two going to get married?” Or, “How come you’re not having any babies yet?” You guys can wait on the marriage, but please get to baby-making.

Seriously, how cute would a Diane Kruger/Joshua Jackson baby be?! All pale, with perfect bone structure and dirty blonde hair. Make it happen! Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the sexy couple. Think they’d have perfect babies? Sound off in the comments!