Bijou Phillips Is Pissed At Lindsay Lohan

You do not want Bijou Phillips pissed off at you. Bijou is not happy with the rumors that Linsday Lohan is dating Sean Lennon.

Bijou, 25, who dated John Lennon’s son for four years, was overheard at L.A. hotspot Teddy’s on Jan. 16, shouting: “Lindsay Lohan, dating Sean? How could he! How could he stand to be with her?”

But, as an insider noted to Star People, “It was pretty clear she’s still in love with him. She was jealous.”

Lindsay’s mom, Dina, tells Star People, “Sean is a really good friend of hers. More power to them. I’m not going to say they’re dating, or not dating.”

The pair have was recently spotted enjoying an intimate dinner at New York’s smart Bette restaurant, according to reports in the Daily Mirror. And they headed off to meet Lindsay’s mother Dina at a club afterwards.

More photos of Lindsay Lohan after the jump.

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